Sep 6, 2009

Humble Beginnings

Hey all! New to the 40k blogging scene and hopefully this blog will keep me motivated to stay in the hobby and update frequently. I discovered 40k years ago and only really got started in Christmas of '08. I got the Assault on Black Reach set and decided to go with Space Marines. I picked up the codex and thumbed through it. There weren't any color schemes that I liked so I did some research and settled on a color scheme. The name I came up with was the Halo Warriors, largely because I'm a huge Halo nerd and "Warriors" sounds cool.

After coming up with literally scores of army lists, I finally narrowed it down to a single 1500 point list that I like that I'll post at a later date. But for now, enjoy some camera phone pictures of my WIP Tactical Squad and Rhino.
 My sergeant with bolt pistol and combi-flamer.

My Rhino with the smoke launchers on backwards. :|
The entire Tactical Squad posing beside their Rhino.

Until next time.

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