Sep 20, 2009

Fluff Bunny Syndrome

Yes, I have it. What's that? You don't know what Fluff Bunny Syndrome is? Well, it is an infliction where you become so obsessed with writing fluff for your army that everything else hobby related takes a number.

Now, I've written several versions of fluff for my Halo Warriors, but none of them was I completely satisfied with. I just kept creating different versions of fluff until I burned myself out. Until recently. Past versions of my fluff where largely based on real world references such as mythologies or other countries and their histories. But my favorite ones where taken by Games Workshop, like mongols and the Greek/Romans. So instead of using real world references, I've decided to create a chapter religion from scratch. Maybe I should give Hubbard a call for some advice.

Secondly, what's a chapter without a home world? During my previous renditions of the Halo Warriors, I fell ill with Star Wars Syndrome. It's a disease where you create single climate planets. I decided to do away with this sickness and do a civilized world with multiple climates and terrains, much like real world Earth today. Instead of primitives and savages, I decided that the Halo Warriors recruit from civilized cities and young boys are trained to be soldiers at an early age.

I haven't done much painting, mostly just detail work on the Marines such as their eyes and soft armor. Nothing photo worthy. There will be pictures on Friday though.

Sep 7, 2009

Creating The List: Space Marine 1500

Captain w/ relic blade, bike, hellfire rounds

Librarian w/ bike
{Null Zone and Avenger}

Space Marine Bike Squad (7 bikes w/ 2 meltaguns, 1 attack bike w/ multi-melta, 1 sergeant w/ combi-flamer)

Space Marine Bike Squad (7 bikes w/ 2 meltaguns, 1 attack bike w/ multi-melta, 1 sergeant w/ combi-flamer)

Tactical Squad (9 Marines w/ flamer and missile launcher, sergeant w/ combi-flamer)
{Rhino Transport}

Land Speeder w/ heavy flamer and multi-melta

Land Speeder w/ heavy flamer and multi-melta

Land Speeder w/ heavy flamer and multi-melta

Predator w/ heavy bolter sponsons

Predator w/ heavy bolter sponsons

Total: 1495

The Captain on bike is obviously there to unlock the bikes as troops. Gave him a relic blade to exploit his high WS and I. The HF rounds are there as points filler.

Bikes act as mobile anti-tank platforms, with the sarge equipped with a combi-flamer for anti-horde goodness, to keep the unit semi-versatile. The Tactical Squad will act as the "House Sitter" or just squat on my home objective.

Librarian is on a bike to keep with the theme. He is there to support the troops and cause some havoc against any demon or invul heavy armies I face. Plus he has a much needed defense against lash.

Land speeders for their mobility and versatility.

Predators for their anti-horde sweetness, and to add more armored targets for my opponent to choose from.

Sep 6, 2009

Humble Beginnings

Hey all! New to the 40k blogging scene and hopefully this blog will keep me motivated to stay in the hobby and update frequently. I discovered 40k years ago and only really got started in Christmas of '08. I got the Assault on Black Reach set and decided to go with Space Marines. I picked up the codex and thumbed through it. There weren't any color schemes that I liked so I did some research and settled on a color scheme. The name I came up with was the Halo Warriors, largely because I'm a huge Halo nerd and "Warriors" sounds cool.

After coming up with literally scores of army lists, I finally narrowed it down to a single 1500 point list that I like that I'll post at a later date. But for now, enjoy some camera phone pictures of my WIP Tactical Squad and Rhino.
 My sergeant with bolt pistol and combi-flamer.

My Rhino with the smoke launchers on backwards. :|
The entire Tactical Squad posing beside their Rhino.

Until next time.
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