Sep 20, 2009

Fluff Bunny Syndrome

Yes, I have it. What's that? You don't know what Fluff Bunny Syndrome is? Well, it is an infliction where you become so obsessed with writing fluff for your army that everything else hobby related takes a number.

Now, I've written several versions of fluff for my Halo Warriors, but none of them was I completely satisfied with. I just kept creating different versions of fluff until I burned myself out. Until recently. Past versions of my fluff where largely based on real world references such as mythologies or other countries and their histories. But my favorite ones where taken by Games Workshop, like mongols and the Greek/Romans. So instead of using real world references, I've decided to create a chapter religion from scratch. Maybe I should give Hubbard a call for some advice.

Secondly, what's a chapter without a home world? During my previous renditions of the Halo Warriors, I fell ill with Star Wars Syndrome. It's a disease where you create single climate planets. I decided to do away with this sickness and do a civilized world with multiple climates and terrains, much like real world Earth today. Instead of primitives and savages, I decided that the Halo Warriors recruit from civilized cities and young boys are trained to be soldiers at an early age.

I haven't done much painting, mostly just detail work on the Marines such as their eyes and soft armor. Nothing photo worthy. There will be pictures on Friday though.

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